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Noise Barriers


Utmost functionality for economical noise protection

Sound protection along roads and rails, sound protection on bridges and open spaces, sound protection in the vicinity of housing and industrial estates. Each application makes different demands: in terms of the planner's creativity, with regard to the functionality of materials and the efficiency of the solutions. We offer a solution for everything by means of a product range that fulfils highest demands in terms of shape and function.

KOHLHAUER ALUFERA® noise barrier systems perfectly combine an appealing finish with sustainable construction and high technical requirements. All KOHLHAUER® Grid-Insulation-Systems (GIS) have been tested by renowned institutes for noise insulation, sound absorptivity, wind load, frost and road salt resistance, durability etc. and so KOHLHAUER ALUFERA® as well.

KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FRAME - noise barriers barriers are renowned worldwide for their innovative, durable and economic noise solutions and captivating design – Functional Walls with best views. They are as SCORSA CLEARVIEW with acrylic glass, as SCORSA Soundgard available with polycarbonate or as SCORSA LAMEX NOISE PROTECT with silicate glass.

KOHLHAUER PLANTA® noise barriers stand for ecologic noise protection solutions worldwide. Whether with or without planting – KOHLHAUER PLANTA® excels with natural design that adapts seamlessly to any environment.

The sophisticated element design and advanced system components allow for an extremely easy assembly of the noise barriers. KOHLHAUER PLANTA® – the reasonable solution for any budget.

KOHLHAUER VOLTA® offers a whole new world of perspectives in noise protection. Unmatched sound insulation and absorption combined with solar power generation provides a significant contribution to environment protection. Whether at roadsides or railway tracks, transparent or opaque design, east-west or north-south layout – Kohlhauer VOLTA® offers the perfect product for any application.

KOHLHAUER® ALUMNA® noise barriers are a perfect combination of sophisticated technology, environmentally friendly design and attractive appearance. KOHLHAUER ALUMNA® combines industrial design with high quality static and acoustic characteristics. These elements provide the industrial appearance of a metal facade.

KOHLHAUER LIGNA® High quality timber noise barriers from treated pine (other woods are available upon request) as a highly sound absorbing or sound reflective version. The elements are CE-certified and correspond to EU standards. The elements are to be mounted between pre-installed posts; in piling pipe, concrete sleeve or auger pile foundations. Wall heights up to 6 m are feasible.



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