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Fiberglass / GRP Domes

A Dome is a roof circular or (rarely) elliptical in plan and usually hemispherical in form, placed over a circular, square, oblong, or polygonal space. Domes have been built with a wide variety of outlines and of various materials.

The greatest advantage of GRP decorative features over conventional materials is the ability to design and build large structures conceived as a whole and not as an assembly of parts which have to be jointed together.

Numerous finishes can be achieved i.e, matte, gloss and textured. All colours available BS or Ral Numbers. We also offer Metal Effect finishes i.e., copper, bronze, gold etc, please contact us to discuss your needs. Any design can be achieved from hemispherical to minaret, working from architects and contractors drawings giving the highest possible standard.

Advantages of Fiberglass (FRP) Hemisphere Domes and Onion Domes

An advantage of fiberglass hemisphere domes and onion domes is the low maintenance, low weight, high strength, and unlimited design flexibility not possible with other materials. Fiberglass domes are resistant to rot, rust, corrosion, weather, and easily repaired in the event of damage. The weight of fiberglass domes compared to the strength and durability far exceeds other traditional materials. Domes are manufactured with latest technological advanced materials making our domes flame, hurricane, and earthquake resistant.

Fiberglass domes have the advantage over other materials because they can be molded into complex shapes. These shapes can be curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways, with varying thickness. Fiberglass domes can replicate any traditional building material including, gold, copper, stainless steel, terra cotta, marble, granite, and stone.



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